What a lot of books!

Earlier this year, I presented at the Primary Science Teacher’s conference on using picture books in enquiry learning. It began as an idea to promote George and Ghost, a picture book I had written while living in the UK. With a UK publisher, there seemed limited opportunities to promote it here in Australia. I wrote up a proposal for a session at the conference, pressed the send button and then spent the next few weeks thinking WHAT HAVE i DONE!

Once the proposal was accepted, I had to come up with a package that was going to fill in an hour without boring the pants off people.Linking literacy and science, I had to come up with some books other than my own.  I began quizing friends who were teachers and other writers about which books they knew about with science themes and used this as a scaffold for my presentation.

I was fairly nervous and wasn’t sure whether I’d done a good job…especially when one male teacher had his back to me the whole session and was working on his laptop! Sometime you wonder don’t you!

I was really pleased with the feedback from the original conference but put it all behind me, until I was asked to present again in November. As I’d left the last conference I’d sworn to myself never again!

Famous last words…I’m now presenting at STAVCON in November. I’ve got a better idea in my head now about what I want to say and to help me not be so scared, I’ve asked Claire Saxby to come along and talk about some of her books. ‘There Was An Old Sailor,’ is one of my favourites.

So now, I’ve advertised the session and lots of people have supplied me with copies of books, curriculum notes etc. I’m making a list of resources for teachers to use, which will be a work in progress on my website.

As a thankyou to those who’ve provided me with material, I’m going to use this blog to review books with science themes. I’d love people to comment and let me know what they think and whether any of the material has been useful.



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