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Hello! I’m an Australian children’s author on some days and a science teacher on others. Some days, I’m both. I’m interested in links between science and literacy and how picture books can be used to start a discussion about scientific ideas. I’ll be using this blog to review some books I’ve read and share tips with/from other teachers.

I’ve written an eclectic range of children’s books, the best known probably being My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day. However, some of my books have definite science themes, including George and Ghost and Puggle.

Here is a list of my publications: More details can be found on my website:

Our Gags’ Walker Books 2011

A new baby means a hectic household for the whole family. Luckily Gags, the narrator’s grandmother, is always around to help – turning into the Gags machine when the house is in need of a good clean and dinner must be made. But Gags also has time for fun stuff like playing dress up and going to the park. And when there is so much to pack for the family holiday to the beach, Gags is a great help too – but everyone soon learns that even Gags machines need a rest.

This is a set of three stories for early independent readers.

‘George and Ghost,’ Hodder, 2011

George and his friend are inseparable, but George isn’t sure he believes in Ghost any more. He asks Ghost to prove he is real by weighing himself, having his photo taken and showing he takes up space. But the scales don’t move, Ghost can’t be seen in the picture and the water in the bucket doesn’t spill when Ghost stands in it. Ghost can’t be real. Or can he?

‘Puggle,’ Working Title Press, 2010

When Puggle the baby echidna is found on the side of the road in his dead mother’s pouch, he is tiny, blind and helpless. At first Puggle must be taught how to suckle milk from his carer’s hand. Then, as he grows older, he must learn all the skills he will need to survive in the wild.

‘Mummies Are Amazing,’ Hachette, 2009

A fun look at the things Mummies are for. Mummies are for AMAZING things!

This vibrantly illustrated picture book celebrates mummies and everything they do from making snakes out of stockings and buses out of boxes to kissing sore knees and getting splinters out of little fingers. Mummies are for amazing things!

‘Daddies Are For Wild Things,’ Hachette, 2008

Boys love action, and this little picture book is filled with all the wild things that daddies like to do from pillow-punching to tickling to playing pirates and walking the plank getting wet in the mud, sitting on and rolling on the ground, and finally, daddies are good for cuddles and falling asleep. A celebration of fathers and their role.

The Music Tree,’ Lothian, 2006

Liam loves to hit things in the garden with a big stick…he hits the pot plants, he hits the barbeque, he hits the garden shed. When he breaks a window, his mother takes action, making him a music tree in the back garden.

‘My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day,’ Lothian, 2006

A simple, moving look at Anzac Day and its significance, through the eyes of a little girl. A gentle story about families and the importance of sharing memories and remembering.


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